The doctor is in?

A colleague, +tamsin franklin , is exploring ideas to improve patient access at her Melbourne surgery. Access is clearly an area with room for improvement with many of our processes dating back to the twentieth and maybe even the nineteenth century. The technically literate in the community are wondering what the hell is wrong with the medical profession. Getting an appointment is like winning the lottery. Getting pathology results is a heroic quest. People have more and better things to do with their time and money these days.

The Web 2.0 era of Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter gives us some fascinating options for reaching out to our patients. Options that we are only now we are beginning to envisage.

Young and middle aged woman are health conscious and are traditionally well connected to their communities. They are also the fastest growing demographic on Facebook. Adding their family medical practice as a friend would be trivial. For the practices it would be wonderfully efficient at getting our health messages out. Posting the news ( on your Facebook wall that Prevenar is in stock and available for 1 to 3 year olds for the next 12 months could greatly improve vaccination coverage at little cost.

It could even be worthwhile updating my twitter status.
“Dr Dave is now only 45 minutes late.”

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